The Field

Beyond the spectrum of frequencies we can perceive with our physical senses lies a vast territory rich with energy, beings, and information. This world dwarfs our concept of the physical world in which we dwell.

I call this world The Field.

The physical world we know is not separate from The Field – it is defined by The Field. Our sensory perception gives us a meager slice of the whole picture that is The Field.

All that ever was, is now, or ever will be lives in The Field as energy. Our ideas of space and time do not govern The Field. Nor do the laws of physics as we know them. The core of every indigenous, spiritual, mystical, shamanic, and religious tradition involves awakening to and consciously interacting with The Field.

This interaction with The Field is rich with possibilities for our growth and evolution, our expression and healing.

These possibilities exist in our physical reality as well as in the reality beyond. As we awaken to and access a more magical world, our daily lives become more magical. Synchronicities and experiences of flow replace separation and stuckness. Our relationship with The Field can aid our lives in very practical, immediate ways.

I teach making this connection with The Field. My route focuses on Nature as the way into The Field. I’m a plant whisperer.

Constant practice connecting and interacting with The Field allows me ready access to the messages The Field holds for me. The Field holds messages for you too. That’s why you’re here.