My Story

I’ve always been connected to The Field – I just wasn’t connected consciously until after I turned fifty. Even though I received solid evidence of my connection through a variety of miracles, I seldom tried to invoke The Field in service to moving beyond my daily toils and troubles. I was afraid of awakening to this magical world.

The Field was persistent in supporting my awakening. Things got more magical fast after my fiftieth birthday. I felt guided into a strange curriculum of learning to connect with The Field and use what I found to help myself and those who came to me. Sometimes this curriculum led me read or study with a human. Sometimes I was thrown into challenging situations and had to develop new magic to get through them. Most of the time I learned through direct connection with spirits in The Field. Each new bit of knowledge or method appeared just when it was needed.

Today I live mostly in The Field. My connection and communication is always on. The next phase of my awakening is about bringing my connection to you. In addition to communicating with The Field for information and guidance to support you and your organization, I also teach you to make the direct connection yourself. On one hand it feels like I am bringing the fruits of my life learning back to the community; on the other it feels like I am now the total beneficiary of the work I do each day. My life is richer and fuller than it has ever been. You are part of that. Thank you.