Welcome to a new conversation.

This is about your business and it’s about you. What’s new about this conversation is that you’ll be receiving messages about your business from The Field – accessing information previously hidden from you. You can’t get this information from your spreadsheets, your trusted advisers, or even your intuition.

The Remote Organization Assessments I offer can’t be found anywhere else. Sure, kings and emperors have long employed wizards and magicians to access information in The Field. And for an equally long time you could find a tarot reader in the village commons. This is different.

These assessments target what you need to know about your organization today in order to move forward effectively. The information you receive is clean, clear, and straightforward. It’s deep and telling.

A Remote Organization Assessment is a little like a reading from a psychic. It’s not about whether you should marry this person or move to Cleveland to accept that job offer. It’s about finding the right leverage to help you step your organization up to the next level.

I’ll provide a slice of the full assessment for free in order to make sure you and I – and The Field – are on the same page. I charge $500 for the full assessment. Because that’s more than shits-and-giggles money, this won’t work for either of us unless you are surprised, delighted, and challenged by the information revealed.

As I grew into the role of Organizational Development Consultant – both internal and external – I was guided by The Field to develop this simple tool to maximize my contribution to your organization and to give you out-sized value for your investment. I’m passionate about helping business leaders and I’m excited to bring you a new way to energize and improve your organization.

A Remote Organization Assessment forms the basis of a new conversation between you, The Field, and your team. As a change agent I’m continually developing useful tools to launch conversations around quality and continuous improvement. These assessments take the game to an entirely new level.

Please dive in and let me know if you’d like to move our conversation forward. Thank you for your good work.